A Truly Frulish Concoction

The first commercially available condiment is 'A Truly Frülish Concoction'. A fiery ketchup of Scotch Bonnet chilli's and Früli Strawberry beer, fresh tomatoes, garlic and onion. Truly Frülish was borne of frustration. Mr Richardson wanted more than a traditional vinegar based hot sauce that lacked any subtlety or substance. He wanted more than the supermarket 'spicy ketchup' that are little more than tomato sauce with a hint of spice.

Mr Richardson created 'A Truly Frülish Concoction'. Around 5 full scotch bonnets lurk in every 250ml bottle. This is a sauce for people who like heat, but who also appreciate taste. This is not a sauce full of capsicum extract designed simply to burn. Leave those for drunken dares.

This is a seriously hot sauce made with the finest fresh ingredients for people who are looking for a gourmet condiment with uncompromising character.

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